Ultra Finish Painting

Property & Estate Managers

Keep Your Principal’s Estate Beautiful With Immaculately Finished Surfaces

Estate Management Plan

Peace Of Mind – You’ll know that your principal’s estate is beautiful and all surfaces are painted, finished and protected
Touch-Ups – We will come out once a year and evaluate all interior and exterior finishes. We will identify any problem areas and touch up surfaces as needed
Priority Appointments – When you need emergency help due to accidental damage, you will be moved to the front of the line.
Exclusive 10% Repair Discount – if you need emergency repair to your surfaces finishes you’ll receive a members-only discount

Annual Surface Inspection

We’ll inspect your property annually to make sure your principal’s estate maintains it’s beauty and value. Inspection includes:
• Check all exterior wood surfaces to make sure they are properly sealed • Check caulk in joints to windows and doors • Check sealing and painting of all aged stucco finishes • Check “wear areas” where shrubs and trees may have rubbed exterior trim • Maintain shutters