Ultra Finish Painting

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Every job begins with prep work. We take time to meticulously protect and prepare every surface of your home before a drop of paint or stain is used.
It’s important to clean up after your work is done, right? Well, what about BEFORE you work?! Our teams do a thorough cleaning and repair as part of every paint preparation.
A lot of work goes into making sure your surfaces are ready to be finished. Here’s a quick look at one of our crews removing wallpaper residue after stripping the paper off.
In order to get an ultra smooth finish on your painted surfaces, it’s important to sand after priming. Our painting technicians pay attention to the smallest details of every job to make sure you have the ultimate finish you deserve.
There’s plenty of activity and attention to detail this week as we dig into this project by Black Diamond Contractors and Gil Walsh Interiors. Benjamin Moore paints provided by our friends at Regal Paint Centers.
Attention to detail is our signature of excellence, and we bring it to every job we do.
Detail work like painting soffits is extremely important to ensure your finished surfaces have a consistent look. Every small detail is important to your job and we make sure each one gets the time and attention they deserve.
Attention to detail is a signature of quality and excellence. Our painting techs make sure every surface gets the luxury treatment your home deserves.
Rain or shine, we get the job done! A few random rain showers weren’t going to stop us from stripping the finish on these exterior windows. We do whatever it takes to get you the quality finish you deserve.
Surface repair and pre-paint preparation. Luxury finishes demand attention to detail and exacting standards. Every Ultra Finish job begins the same way and ends with the quality finish your home deserves.
Even something as simple as a cabinet door being painted gets our professional treatment. Attention to detail and taking time to do the job right means your surfaces get the luxury finish you deserve.