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5 Ways To Prepare The Exterior Of Your South Florida Home For Hurricanes & Strong Storms

As we near the end of July in South Florida, many homeowners begin to think about the possibility of a tropical storm or hurricane and how to be prepared. Usually, storm prep includes creating a box of supplies, storing up water and batteries, and making sure trees and shrubs are trimmed back to avoid dangerous debris. But did you know that there are preparations to the exterior of your home that have a huge impact on how it handles strong wind and rain?

Here are 5 ways to prepare the exterior of your home for hurricane season that most homeowners neglect:

5 ways_storm-prep

1. Make sure all exterior wood surfaces such as entry doors, garage doors, arbors, shutters, etc. are well sealed.

We get a lot of rain in South Florida, and most homes are prepared to handle a normal rainy season. However, without properly sealed surfaces the combination of hard rain and heavy wind can force water into your wood surfaces.


2. Re-Caulking of joints to windows and doors.

Over time, the caulking around your windows and doors can become cracked, dry and even torn. This is usually where water gets in during a storm. A routine inspection of these joints will help you know how well your home can protect you from driving rain.


3. Sealing and painting of all aged stucco finishes to protect against water penetration.

Stucco surfaces can lose their water-tightness over time, especially if cracks or nicks develop. Water that gets into and behind your stucco can cause problems that will go unnoticed for quite a while.


4. Re-seal “wear areas” where shrubs and trees have rubbed against exterior trim.

Trees and shrubs look great next to your home, but they can also cause damage to the finish of your surfaces. Trimming them back helps protect your home from debris and breakage, but you need to also check to see if they have worn away your finish and re-seal if they have.


5. Maintaining Shutters

Shutters, whether functional or decorative look great on the exterior of your home. Left unmaintained, they can be a source of water damage for your home’s surfaces.

Preparing your home in these ways will ensure you can weather the driving wind and rain that tropical storms, hurricanes and even strong thunderstorms can bring here in South Florida. The best way to do this is to hire a professional who warranties their work so you don’t have to get up on a ladder and risk an accident. Call Ultra Finish Painting today at 561-744-5448 to schedule your hurricane preparation.

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